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09 August 2008

Dreamhost Hosting

Hi !

Personally i am hosting 3 websites working very well with dreamhost ( thru mod_rails & passanger), and its very easily to create new projects, svn repositories, mysql, custom gem packs, etc... everything You need for Rails site.

SOO if you want fast and cheap rails hosting check Dreamhost !
I would recommend basic plan(its really enought for hosting rails!),
I can give You free LIFETIME domain registration(domain never expires and You NEVER pay for him) !
This discount give's You upon NEW registration.
Plus i give You:
10$ off for monthly hosting plan,
25$ off for one year plan,
40$ (!) off for two year plan,

So get yourself promotional code BOTVECTORCX on DREAMHOST (click here)
(free lifetime domain + hosting discounts), enter promotional code in bottom of registration form to redeem $$$$$$ !
Have Fun !!! :)

p.s. If you need more specific code let me know ;)

1 comment:

Tiago Mesquita said...

i was looking for a host to my blog in ruby on rails. but when i see dreamhost i tried to make an account there, but they have a initial price of $60 for the basic plan :(... they say that it's the "setup cost"... it's right? we had to pay this setup cost? (almost $52)...