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My Git activity

25 June 2008

Authorization plugin addon

Hi ppl,

If you are using Authorization plugin ( you can easily extend your ApplicationHelper with all benefits of authorization plugin.

Perhaps we have user "doomer" logged in, who have two roles > "tester" and "translator"
So regularly in some controller/action we can do:
current_user.has_role?("tester") // true
current_user.has_role?("admin") // false

and so on.
This is very nice usage of authorization stuff ! A big respect to billkatz and glenn.rempe.
However we want to ease usage of current....("admin") queries
We can do the following:
in application_helper

module ApplicationHelper
def tester?
def admin?
those methods will return true or false depends on user permission, but if we have 5+ roles ? +10 ? let me say its very dirty and wet way..

So lets do it:
open application.rb

def assign_roles
for role in Role.find(:all, :select => "name", :group => "name")
logged_in? ? r = current_user.has_role?( : r = false
c = "def #{}?() #{r} end"
ApplicationHelper.module_eval(c) "PARSED ROLE #{}"

And for the last, put before_filter :assign_roles in begin of application.rb
Thats it !!
Okay what we did here ? >>
1. return if current_user isnt logged in (plugin method)
2. find all roles & create local r with true/false, depends on permission
3. create def code for ApplicationHelper and eval it.
We created exactly the same as above sample but much more dynamic & DRY !!

Thats all, have a fun usage !!!

p.s. an authorization plugin usage/download available here:
or from GIT:

If you want those helper methods to be available to controllers(because you CANT call helper method from controller) just add:
under ApplicationHelper.module_eval(c)

This will create application controller methods (def admin? false end)

11 June 2008

Colorized Wirble in windows xp

Wirble On windows:

Pre: Windows XP SP2, GEMS, RUBY.
(i got Rails 2.0.2, ruby in c:\ruby)

1. gem install wirble (or go to )
2. gem install win32console (or )
3. create "w.rb" file in /config/ folder (folder with environment.rb)
4. inside w.rb put this code:

#-- for wirble
require 'rubygems' rescue nil
require 'win32/console/ansi'
ENV['IRB_HISTORY_FILE'] = "c:\.irb_history"
# load rubygems and wirble
require 'wirble'

# load wirble

5. save w.rb file

Now run your console
inside console write: require "w"
=> []

now u got wirblezed console.

1.change ENV['IRB_HISTORY_FILE'] = "" to any value you want where to store your history, can be global (C:\) or application separate, (in this case put "c:\my_rails_applications\my_new_project\logs\.irchistory"
2.dont make file "w.rb" as "wirble.rb" it will not works,

Finally BIG thanks and respect to Paul for this wonderful gem (dont want to use others)
Paul home page: